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facebook_1458064740709The Floriana Wedding Project is a not-for-profit charitable organization aimed at providing community wedding events to Haitians of all economic backgrounds. The organization employs three full time members in Haiti who are originally from orphanages, and six volunteers across Canada to collect wedding gowns and other important wedding items, as well as ensuring weddings are successfully planned annually. Since you can’t have a wedding without a ring, we saw a special opportunity to contribute to the project.

facebook_1458064689776Bijou Custom Jewellery worked with the director of the charity, Nicola Topsom to help provide our contribution of 68 gold plated rings to couples in Haiti as part of this initiative. We are excited to share photos of the successful event on our page!

20160206_091839-2Nicola  works full time as a caregiver for patients with Dymensia while she acts as the Director for the Floriana Wedding Project. She is always looking for volunteers to join her on her trips to Haiti (especially photographers!), as well as those who are interested in donating.


If you are interested in participating or attending please contact Nicola at:


Floriana Wedding project

905 749 3733