Custom Jewellery

Our goldsmith has over 30 years in experience creating totally customized pieces from scratch. With or without drawings, comparison photos, or other pieces, we can help you create a jewellery piece envisioned solely by you.

Step 1: Presenting the Idea

Provide your own precious metals and stones if you like, or we can provide them for you at a wide selection. The goldsmith can either come up with a concept drawing or quick wax concept.

Here we see two examples of this stage: a drawn Aqua Ring and initial wax Signet Ring.

Step 2: Creating the Design

Our goldsmith will work with you using hand made designs or current digital designs. Afterwards, a wax replica will be created within 1 week’s time, which is completely representative of the final product prior to production. You can decide if any changes need to be made.

Here we see the wax replicas of both the Aqua Ring and Signet Ring.

Step 3: Casting

The piece is then cast in the metal of your choice within 1 week. On the right we see the finished Aqua Ring and Signet Ring.

Step 4: View the Piece!

You can visit us at our studio to see the final product!