Jewellery Redesign

Our studio is equally experienced in taking an existing ring and transforming it as we are at creating one from scratch. Whether your ring is damaged, out of date, or just needs a new look, we can take your piece and recreate it to something new.

Elaine’s Engagement Ring Redesign

Elaine, one of our clients, celebrated her 30th anniversary with her original engagement ring and wedding band. After such a long time with this ring, she approached us to see if we could come up with a brand new, up to date look for it. Elaine came to the table with an idea of how that change might look, and after working with our designer Pawel she was able to create her new dream ring.

Below you can see how her ring originally looked before the redesign process took place.

What was very important in this project was to re-use the same gold and stones in the original ring for the new one. A few new diamonds were added.


After using the original gold and diamonds, Elaine’s recreation of her ring has given it a new style and brilliant shine.